Corona Virus (COVID-19) Response

As always, the health and safety of the communities we serve, our customers, patients and employees are of utmost importance to us. These are uncertain times for all of us. Please know that we are working to ensure continued access to medication, provide efficient service, and enable timely delivery of your medication orders. Here are the additional steps we have taken to ensure patient access to difficult-to-find medication and prevent the spread of illness. 

Medication Access

In anticipation of challenges in the supply chain for active pharmaceutical ingredients, we are working diligently with our FDA-registered vendor partners to ensure we have adequate materials (ingredients, packaging, personal protection equipment and more) to prevent service interruptions.  We are identifying cross-trained employees so that we can ensure redundancy in essential roles.

Home Delivery

We regularly ship medication directly to patients’ homes. This convenient option can help limit exposure while still getting medications as quickly as possible.  

For customers near our Swedesboro and Scottsdale locations who still want to pickup we have implemented a new curbside service to reduce social exposure.

Ease of Ordering

Human Medicine Veterinary Medicine
Prescribers can reach our remote contact center at 800-331-8272 or fax 800-589-4250. Veterinary practices can order digitally at, call our remote contact center at 800-331-8272 or fax 800-589-4250. Veterinary formulary also available on Vetsource® and Vetcove®
Patients can refill digitally at or call 800-331-8272. Pet owners can refill digitally at or call 800-331-8272

Our Customer Care Specialists and Pharmacists will remain available and accessible from 8:00am to 11:00pm ET. We've recently implemented a new call back option so that holds your place in line without waiting on the phone.


We are health care providers that remain open during emergency situations because of the needs of our patients.  However, we have instituted the following new policies to ensure employee safety and reduced risk from social exposure:

  • We are requiring sick employees to stay home with additional availability of emergency sick pay,
  • More frequent and enhanced cleaning procedures,
  • Steps to reduce social exposure, such as asking employees that have the ability to work remotely to do so,
  • Eliminating communal meals, company-planned social events and meetings,
  • Cancelling all non-essential vendor meetings and eliminating non-essential travel. 

Remote Contact Center

We have enabled our contact center employees to work remotely to minimize the risk of exposure to our compounding team. Please be patient with us if you hear children, barks or meows in the background. We continue to protect your privacy and security. Rest assured that the laptops we have provided employees are secure and that employees are following established privacy and security policies and that we do not store credit cards on these devices.

Community Support

We made personal protection equipment (PPE) donations to local hospitals in both Arizona and New Jersey.